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LinkTechIT is an information technology and internet service provider company in Bangladesh which describes any technology that empowers or enables the storage, processing and information flow within an organisation solution company in Bangladesh. LinkTechIT started it's journey with the involvement with computers where software, networks, internet, websites, servers, databases and telecommunications fall under the IT umbrella. Most modern businesses depend heavily on information systems, from employee e-mail to database management to e-commerce websites. We at LinktechIT believe that we can improve our marketing and websites to drive growth. Here at LinkedIT we never compromise with quality and services. All of our admins, engineers and support staff are fully dedicated to make our customers happy. We spend a significant amount of time continuously to improve our level of services that we provide our clients with.

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Application Development

Graphic Design

Search Engine Optimization

Digital Marketing

IT Training

Internet Service Provider

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We just love what we do - it's as simple as that. That love brings in the passion to create something amazing, and the passion gives us the energy that drives us. We call it "The Perpetual Startup Spirit". That's just the easiest way to explain this phenomenon to someone.

We are a very mixed group with expertise from different fields. On the technology preference front we are equally varying, revolving our lives with frontend web frameworks such as Bootstrap and Vue.js, and backend web frameworks such as Laravel, ASP.NET, and Django.

We are not just a place where software gets built. We see our space as a place for solving problems, for fun and creativity, for crafting things that are as simple to use as they are beautiful to look at. Our culture is open and without hierarchy.

We are great believers of the Agile methodology in software development. Everything is bound to change and we are prepared for that change. We love to develop in small steps - giving our customers something to look at and give us feedback at every stage.

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Centralized Queue Management System
Centralized School Management System
Centralized Sales Management System
Centralized Hospital Management System
E-commerce Management System
Accounts Management System
Collaboration Software
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