LinkTechIT is an information technology and internet service provider company in Bangladesh which describes any technology that empowers or enables the storage, processing and information flow within an organisation solution company in Bangladesh. LinkTechIT started it's journey with the involvement with computers where software, networks, internet, websites, servers, databases and telecommunications fall under the IT umbrella. Most modern businesses depend heavily on information systems, from employee e-mail to database management to e-commerce websites. We at LinktechIT believe that we can improve our marketing and websites to drive growth. Here at LinkedIT we never compromise with quality and services. All of our admins, engineers and support staff are fully dedicated to make our customers happy. We spend a significant amount of time continuously to improve our level of services that we provide our clients with.

Our Mission

Mission of LinkTech IT is to bring up the prospect in our economy and to ensure the proper utilization of our enormous manpower, LinkTech IT is devoted to create the field for the outsourcing of information and services. With the promise to give a shoulder to the progress, LinkTech IT is continuously working with technological solutions to build up expertise in outsourcing fields and training the newbie.

Our Vision

LinkTech IT is striving to bring new dimension in one stop information technology support and training in industry with a view to ensure the optimum satisfaction to our valuable local and international clients. Thus, we want to contribute in our economy.